Monday, 29 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

Being called to serve in FOCUS as a STEM Staff was unexpected. I didn’t know a lot about FOCUS while in the CU in KTTC. I, however, grew to know FOCUS Kenya through leadership in the CU and being exposed to Leadership training at the Center in Kasarani. I also served as the treasurer in the Northern Nairobi Region.

Serving as a STEM staff in Bondo CUs for 8months now has been a fantastic journey of equipping others and being equipped. My engagements involved walking, talking, and sharing with students, which has helped me grow in ministry work and social skills.

Through this period, I discovered my personality, strengths, and areas for improvement. For example, I would get nervous while training or preaching, but I have gained confidence and courage for public speaking.
I have also improved my leadership skills by working with people of different characters and learning to interact well. I have learned to be a good listener as a leader. I have also learned to be keen and embrace everyone despite their differences.

My major highlight is learning the skill of accounting for finances. I learned to account for every coin I got, and I would identify areas I overspent and improve each time. I have become a better financial manager.

I would love to acknowledge my parents for allowing me to be part of this program. I also appreciate my friends and partners who ended up being my friends for their support financially, morally, and most importantly, in prayers. They have helped me learn the value of people in life and how to be intentional. I thank FOCUS for the chance to be part of them in those eight months. I appreciate my amazing team leader and my teammates for the moments we spent together and the growth.

I desire to continue impacting others and apply the skills I developed through STEM in all aspects of my life.

Friday, 26 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022
Blessed Faith

I am Blessed Faith Chepngenoh, the STEM Staff in STEM Resources and Thika CUs.

 True to the FOCUS slogan; reaching students and changing nations, FOCUS’s impact isn’t limited to students alone but also to staff. There has been a major thrust in my ministry which has been so evident over the 8 months spent in STEM. Preaching, planning, proper preparations, devotions, training, book readings, raising funds, and bonding with students and associates have been among my major highlights. 

Chief among the achievements in this journey is my growth in devotion; bible reading and prayer. Consistent devotion has not only helped me grow in the knowledge of God’s word but has also helped me be transformed in all areas of my life. 

FOCUS as an organization is true, committed, consistent, and excellent, with integrity, diligence, and intentionality. These are the values I have obtained from the organization. Sharing my life with both the students and the associates taught me very valuable skills. I had deliberate mentorship in my life and service also.

I grew in the skill of lobbying, mentoring, counseling, listening, and problem-solving. I am better at content development, public speaking, planning, and coordination. These are lifetime values I will hold on to. 

 I acknowledge my partners, associates, family, friends, and students who were there to ensure I got support! I am eternally grateful and pray that the Lord guide their steps as He is pleased.

What an everlasting legacy I wrought! Student ministry will be in my life records as long as I live. 

 Long live FOCUS KENYA!

Friday, 26 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

I am Cynthia Chepkirui, STEM staff in Embu and Kirinyaga Christian unions.

At the beginning of my term, I had a lot of doubts wondering if God could call such an unqualified person like me. Over time I have learned to surrender and trust in the Lord fully in my life. He has guided me through and through.

I have become more consistent in studying the word of God and living in obedience to it. At this point, the study of the word of God is not something I take for granted. Instead, it has the daily bread that I cannot live without.
STEM has taught me to persevere by faith in my hard seasons and trust God in them. I have also learned the beauty of teamwork with similar-minded people. I have gotten important skills that will in a great way help me in my future. My highlight is financial stewardship. I appreciate the place of contentment, saving, and serving with my resources. I have gained time management skills and problem-solving skills from the heritage of FOCUS Kenya. I gleaned a lot from my interactions with the associates especially concerning godly families.

I would want to pass my gratitude to FOCUS Kenya for trusting me for the past 8 months. I also thank my team leaders who have worked with me graciously. My teammates, partners, and friends refreshed me in immeasurable ways. May the Lord bless them very much.

I hope to stay faithful in my service beyond STEM and trust God for wonderful opportunities to serve.

Friday, 26 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

I am David Mburu Wariara, a graduate of Machakos University. I have been serving with FOCUS-KENYA as a STEM staff at Karatina University Main campus, Karatina School of Business Mukurweini TTI, and Mathira TVC CUs for eight months.

The STEM period has been a time of personal discovery and growth. I have studied and understood so much about myself. I have become a better book reader, researcher, and writer. I have created a lot of networks through my partners and FOCUS associates. I got opportunities to grow in my interpersonal, communication, training, and decision-making skills just to mention a few. These skills will carry me a long way in my life, work and ministry.

I have learned to be faithful to the holy scriptures, and have grown in my interpretation and exposition of scriptures. Integrity was tested every time things were entrusted to my care. The Lord has helped me to be a steward seeking to honor Him in the seen and the unseen. I have seen dedicated men and women serving the Lord wholeheartedly in this ministry and got very inspired by them. They have helped me redefine success, not as accumulation but as a fruit of contentment at every stage of life.

Special appreciation to my team leader who has been very instrumental in walking with me. I have found a family among the FOCUS staff and associates in MT Kenya. My heartfelt appreciation to the CU leaders and members in the CUs I have been serving with for their kindness, love, and willingness to serve closely with me as they witness my growth. Many thanks also to all my partners who have been praying with me and supporting me in the ministry. May the Lord bless them greatly.

As I transit, I desire that the Lord will avail more willing people to work in His vineyard since the harvest is plenty. May the Lord also provide more resources to FOCUS so that many students in the institutions of higher learning may be reached. Shalom.