Short-Term Experience in Ministry (STEM) Programme is the Fellowship of Christian Unions’ (FOCUS) Leadership development program. The running theme is “Developing Leaders, Transforming Lives”. It was launched in 1992 as a follow-up to the FOCUS missions’ conference dubbed Commission Conference, to give fresh graduates an opportunity to serve God in the Universities and Colleges, Church and Society on a short-term basis (one year). The program was started to meet three needs which FOCUS felt remain critical to Christianity in Kenya:

  1. The need for trained, mature Christian leaders to influence Church and Society.
  2. The need for more staff to disciple students on campus.
  3. The need to encourage Christian involvement in Society particularly in social issues.

In 25 years since the inception of the STEM program, over 500 graduates have gone through STEM-SM and STEM CD.

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Kevin Birech

I am Kevin Birech,  the STEM staff at  UoN Kikuyu Campus and Presbyterian University of East Africa CUs. I joined STEM with a lot of expectations among them sharing the joy and the truth of the gospel by presenting it in the most exciting way possible. I desired to develop conversations and relationships as a
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Maureen Wangui

The thought of going to Norway had never crossed my mind and I had never desired to live abroad. When I started sensing the call to serve as a missionary in Norway coming, confusion set in my heart. In the midst of this anxiety I made a commitment to God that if He called me
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Esther Maina

The call to go for the exchange came at a point where I was so determined to go back to school for further studies. I did not want to just say yes because I knew it was not deemed to be an easy experience. Eventually, I said yes to a journey of faith, quite scared,
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Sussylin Muturi

My name is Sussylin Muturi, serving as a STEM-CD (Short Term Experience in Ministry-Community Development) in Dadaab Refugee Camp which is located in Garissa county, hosting about 211,000 refugees from different countries including Somalia (makes up the highest group), South Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, and Eritrea. The complex is the third-largest in the world
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Neema Apondi

I am Neema Apondi. Serving as the STEM staff Kibabii Christian Unions. Talking about the one year experience is a testimony. From the beginning, it seemed so long a journey. It has however turned out to be a journey of the discovery of God’s hand at work, co-working with Christ Jesus, and learning to depend
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Andronicus Munyoki

My name is Andronicus Munyoki STEM Staff at the University of Nairobi Upper Kabete, AHITI, and K.N.P CUs. STEM has provided a good opportunity for me to share God’s word with and amongst Students. My high moments have been those spent with students in various activities, e.g. Evangelizing, bonding, retreats, sisters’ fellowships, missions, trainings, facilitation,
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Odal Merceline

My name is Odal Merceline Akoth , I’m born again and Christ Jesus is Lord overall in my life.I take this great opportune moment to thank God for the great privilege he granted to me to serve as STEM Staff among the students in North Rift Region, Kitale C.Us; Moi University Eldoret West Campus Christian
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Edward Musungu

I had always believed that Short Term Experience in Ministry, STEM was meant for extroverts, being an introvert and a strong phlegmatic, I couldn’t imagine that one day I will be joining FOCUS Kenya. I thank God Almighty for such an opportunity. My character has been modeled; my personal organization skills have been enhanced. I
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Matthew Murimi

My name is Matthew Murimi. On the Sunday morning of 30th June 2019, I walked into JKUATCU Sunday service for my STEM orientation. I had been told a lot of things about this place, enough to like and make me feel small. Doing STEM in JKUAT has been a wonderful opportunity. Working among Christian Students,
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Margaret Mutua

When I look back, the two years through STEM have been a journey of personal discovery and growth. In its own special way, the second year has provided a whole set of new skills and experiences. I have grown in my communication, data management, and in building networks.  The work of resource mobilization involves interaction