FOCUS SP 2021-2025

FOCUS Strategic Plan (2021-2025) aims at providing strategic direction based on the mandate of the Organization. The process of developing the plan was participatory and involved all the key stakeholders and partners. The plan is expected to form a solid foundation upon which the work plans, annual operation plans, and programme initiatives will be based.

It is in this respect that the Organization has taken into consideration critical observations gathered through extensive consultation with various stakeholders including Students, Associates, Staff, Members of various Leadership Teams, and leaders of Partnering Churches and Organizations. To come up with issues addressed in this Plan, the operating environment, the fact that the strategy is expected to set a clear direction for the future, be used as a management tool and to facilitate performance management was taken into account.

You can download the TWO versions of the current SP as below

  1. Full Version

  1. Abridged Version

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