Supporting Students and FOCUS Associates to Impact the Church and Society.

Services to Students and Associates

Leadership Development

We develop transformational servant leaders who play key leadership roles while on Campus, in Church and Society.

  • Vuka Fit
  • Anza fyt
  • Students Union Leaders Training
  • Executive Committee Leaders Training
  • Ministry Leaders Training
  • FOCUS Associate Branch Leadership


Our aim in discipleship will be to deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of Students and equip them for lifetime service in the family, Church and society. Goal: Increased number of Students equipped for a lifetime of service in the family, Church and society

  • Bible Study
  • Faith Foundation Classes
  • BEST P Classes
  • Mid Week Fellowships
  • Sunday Services
  • Brothers and Sisters Fellowships


We present Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord and God to every student in Universities and Colleges with a purpose of leading them to a personal Faith in Him. Goal: Increased number of students who come to develop personal Faith in Christ.

  • Evangelism on Campus
  • EBS and CENTS
  • Evangelistic Teams
  • CU Annual Missions
  • Evangelism Summits
  • Commission Conferences
  • BEST P Classes
  • FOCUS Associate Branches

FOCUS Programs

Partnership with Churches, Universities and other Organizations

We partner with Churches, Universities, government and like-minded organizations in order to fulfil our mission to the university, to the church and to the society. Goal: Improved partnerships with our strategic stakeholders.

  • Christian Professional Bodies
  • Churches
  • The Government
  • NKSS
  • Corporate Organizations

Organizational Effectiveness

We develop the capacity and structures of the CU, Associates’ ministry, and the FOCUS Secretariat structures in order to be more effective in our calling. The Goal: Improved performance of FOCUS Secretariat, member CUs and Associate Branches.

  • CU Constitutions
  • CU Leadership Manuals
  • Finance and Assets Policies
  • Governance Policies
  • FOCUS Associates Operational Manuals
  • FOCUS Branch Operational Manuals

Integral Mission and Social Transformation

We will equip our students and associates to bear witness to the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ in their personal and professional lives and challenge them to engage in social justice issues in the society. Goal: Improved witness by students and associates to the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ in their personal and professional lives

  • Hesabika
  • Shahidi
  • Market Place Fellowships