EZRA Conference

About EZRA 

EZRA is a triennial-one-week-program discipleship and engagement training. 

The theme of EZRA is derived from Ezra 7:10 Studying, Practicing, and teaching the word of God.

The first EZRA Conference was held in the year 1989 which had less than 200 delegates participating. The Conference grew to an attendance of 600 between 2000 and 2013. The last Conference held in 2016 attracted over 2300 delegates. The next EZRA Conference shall be held in 2019.

Purpose of EZRA

To equip the delegates with the attitude, passion, and skills that will enable them to grow into effective students of God’s word. This effectiveness will be marked by consistent reading, thorough study, faithful application and effective proclamation of the word.

Who Can attend EZRA 

  • Christian Union Members and other Students 
  • FOCUS Associates 
  • Church Leaders
  • Graduates 
  • Children accompanied by their Parents

The Conference Design 

  • Bible Expositions
  • Plenary and Seminars on Bible and Contemporary issues 
  • Small Bible Study groups 


  1. Bible
  2. Inductive
    Bible Study
  3. Consistent
    Bible Reading
  4. Expository
  5. Homiletics
  6. Old
    Testament Survey
  7. New
    Testament Survey
  8. Introduction
    to Church History
  9. Introduction
    to Christian Apologetics
  10. Interpreting
    at least two genres among the following:
  11. Interpreting OT Narratives
  12. Interpreting the Gospels
  13. Interpreting the Psalms
  14. Interpreting Apocalyptic Passages
  15. Interpreting the Epistles