Soma na FOCUS
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As a ministry, we understand the critical place of development of the mind in the faith of a Christian. The Lord in Mark 12:30 instructs his Disciples to ‘… love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ (ESV) The mind anchors our resolve to follow the Lord unreservedly, through easy and hard times. In these times of rampant deception amidst shallow discipleship, the Christians will stand because they love God with all their being, including the mind.

Last year, we began a national campaign dubbed Soma na FOCUS where we desire to equip students and associates with diverse Christian Literature for personal discipleship. See here brief excerpts of the testimonials of Albert, Evans and Gerald from Kenyatta University as.

Albert Dishon, Student KU

I can confidently attest to the tremendous impact that the FOCUS bookstall and literature materials have had on my spiritual growth and that of my family. The availability of Christian books, Bible study guides, Bibles, and commentaries from the FOCUS Bookstall has been instrumental in deepening my understanding of Scripture and strengthening my faith. The resources provided by the library desk have not only enriched my personal walk with God but have also fostered unity and growth within the KUCU community. Furthermore, the dedication of our STEM staff, Madam Betty Mutunga in curating and making these materials accessible to us has been truly a blessing, shaping our spiritual journey and equipping us for service within the church and beyond.

Evans Kipkoech, Student KU

At an individual level, the Christian books, Bible study guides, and commentaries available through FOCUS have deepened my understanding of Scripture and enriched my spiritual walk. The availability of different Bible translations has allowed me to explore God’s Word from various perspectives, leading to personal growth and maturity.

During our weekly Bible study sessions, we often refer to the materials provided by FOCUS to enhance our discussions and gain fresh insights. Whether it’s preparing for a sermon, leading a small group, or simply seeking answers to life’s questions, the FOCUS literature materials have been indispensable. The availability of Bibles and study materials has facilitated discipleship programs, evangelism efforts, and leadership development.

Gerald Wafula, Student KU.

My life has really been transformed by the great experience I have had in reading and serving at the library desk. I now understand Proverbs 23 : 23   Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding. Wisdom can be bought and knowledge can be obtained from those who have capture it through books. The Library desk provided a platform for me to buy the wisdom and knowledge and also gave me a chance to show others that knowledge can be obtained. With the help of our able STEM Staff, Ms Betty Mutunga, I was able to achieve a lot during my leadership time. She provided a great connection between the kucu library desk and the FOCUS bookstall where we outsourced the materials we use. The timely and reliable Bible study guides have really helped me get to learn more about my Bible and am really grateful.

Commission Conference Partners’ Meeting
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Commission 2024 Conference – Missions’ Partners Meeting at FOCUS Center in Kasarani on 4th April

Commission Conference Partners' Meeting.

God has used Commission Conference happening triennially since 1988 as a platform to call may people to his people to work alongside Him in redeeming the world. Planning for the conference began in August 2023. The Lord has been gracious that we have Kabarak University as our host. The Conference cost for students is Ksh. 5,400 while associates pay Ksh. 10,600. We explore the thrust of the Message, the Models, and the Motivation of God’s Mission to the world through the book of exposition – Isaiah. Pray with us as we desire to gather 5,000 students, associates, and international delegates.

On 4th April 2024 the commission Directors met with 25 partners from 21 different missions’ partner organizations. The meeting was filled with eye opening conversations generally on maximizing partnerships for Commission Conference planning but specifically on plenaries, seminars, follow up, mentoring, pre and post conference initiatives.

There are many ways that you can take part in Commission Conference. First is in praying with us. Pray that God leads the planning team as they prepare the content and other logistical issues. Pray also with the speakers and the delegates that we all prepare well to listen to God. You are welcome to attend Commission Conference by registering here.

We are grateful to God that he has linked us with you. We declare together with the Psalmist ‘Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!’

Here I am, Send Me!
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Here I am, Send Me!

NEMS participants after the conference.

2024 is the year of Missions in FOCUS. It will entail various capacity building initiatives such as mission’s training, missions awareness campaigns culminating with the missions’ mobilization and training conference, Commission 2024  Conference. 

The year started on a hight note with a major training on the 2nd to 4th of February which brought together 106 Missions and Evangelism Coordinators from nearly 100 Universities and Colleges across the country in the National Missions and Evangelism Summit (NEMS) at Kenyatta University.  The purpose of the Summit was to foster faithfulness and commitment to service, raise a passion for student evangelism, expose trends and opportunities in local and global missions as we set up a core Commission 2024 conference mobilization team. The students had six plenary sessions as well as exposure to over 10 local mission organizations and mentorship by over 40 missionaries active in different stations across the world.  Many students shared testimonies of their experience at NEMS.

… NEMS was an event to remark. To me it was a season of learning, unlearning, and relearning. I was greatly challenged, and I pray that what I learned won’t remain on paper but shall be evident in my generation.

Missions Coordinator, Kisii University.

… I went bank fully equipped for the task. I’m grateful.

Mission Coordinator, MCCU UoN.

… It was such an amazing moment, of getting to deeply understand the ultimate desire of God me be part of what He is doing Globally. 

Missions Coordinator, Murang’a University of Technology Christian Union

… I and my team have really benefitted and now we have seen Mission and Evangelism in another scope, and we look forward to implementing what we have learnt.

Missions Coordinator, African International University

As we embark on different aspects of Missions this year, please join us in prayer. Pray for the success of Commission Conference planning and the activities that culminate to it. pray for the students’ missions that happen in different parts of the country. Pray for vibrance in student evangelism in all campuses today. 

Onboarding of the New STEM Staff
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STEM 2022-23 Cohort posing with the STEM Coordinator outside the FOCUS office on 29th August 2023

The past two months were saturated with STEM events. The 2022-23 Cohort completed their term on the 29th of July 2023. Before then, we had a weeklong transition induction meeting for the outgoing STEM staff to prepare them for the next phase of their lives. We celebrated their faithful service during the STEM Convocation which saw over 800 participants join the event. This year’s Convocation was graced by the STEM Alumni who met that morning to celebrate God’s faithfulness through the STEM Program for the past 31 years. During the alumni breakfast meeting, we launched the STEM alumni engagement framework that will see the STEM alumni involved more in the ministry. 

The current cohort of 2023-24 has completed their first month in ministry. Some of them are now engaged with the first years’ orientation after a two-week long Staff and Orientation Training (SOT) program that was geared towards preparing them for ministry as STEM Staff. Pray that their stay in FOCUS will be productive and that they will grow into leaders envisioned by the STEM program.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-31 at 5.25.53 PM
The Celebration Cake
STEM Dance during the convocation
FOCUS ND addressing the Convo
STEM Alumni at FOCUS Center during the STEM Celebration in light of FOCUS @50
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-31 at 5.25.53 PM (30)
31 year's celebration cake
STEM 97 Cohort in the alumni event
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-15 at 12.02.19 PM
2022-23 Cohort
STEM 2023-24 Cohort during SOT 2023 in August 2023 at FOCUS Center Kasarani
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WhatsApp Image 2023-08-31 at 5.25.53 PM (26)
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