Monday, 29 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

Joining the STEM Programme has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Most of my expectations were met throughout the period. Working in FOCUS among students who have committed their lives to Christ and the Staff team has had a dual impact. First, my life has been tested on many Christian values, and secondly, my character and convictions have been sharpened, making me more Christ-like.

I have gained financial management, counseling, concept writing, research, and Graphic design skills. My short-term experience in ministry has had a long-term impact on me. Student ministry has been a call to utter discipline, excellence, and integrity.

I am grateful to God for this opportunity and the Staff team that continues to drive God’s vision and mission for this ministry.As I transit, the immediate future is quite uncertain, but I am certainly walking in a daily commitment to transforming lives and changing nations through the doors God will open.

Monday, 29 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

My name is Seth Simiyu Kitui, I am a passionate follower of Christ, and I delight in seeing myself and the people around me become more like Christ. I joined the STEM team in 2022 and was posted at Cooperative University Christian Union and Karen CUs, where I served for eight months.

I battled with my mind and heart before I considered answering the STEM Program call. I was already employed as a trainer in a Technical Institute. I prayed and God gave me peace and conviction from the story of Abraham. This gave me the confidence to keep going knowing that He was with me.

I have gained wisdom through networking with friends and have become an effective communicator. I could not stay withdrawn because students constantly demanded my attention. This allowed me to be very intentional and learn to interact with them freely, speak into their lives, and encourage them to keep serving God. The most interesting skill I learned in STEM is accounting. I learned how to manage money as a good steward. I have also learned to organize my time using planners and taking intentional rest in between activities to avoid fatigue.

I want to sincerely thank God for helping me throughout the STEM journey. I appreciate FOCUS Kenya for allowing me to serve among students for eight months. I am also grateful to all Co-operative University Christian Union students for allowing me to serve with them.

As I transit, I’m trusting God for a job opportunity. I would also like to support men and women pursuing God in finance and spirituality.

Monday, 29 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

My name is Jessica Gitonga. I am a STEM staff at Nakuru Town CUs, which comprise: KMTC CU, Egerton Nakuru Town campus CU, Egerton Faculty of Health & Science CU, PCEA Medical college CU, Dairy Training Institute CU, and KITI CU.

I thank God that through FOCUS Kenya. I can confidently say that I have witnessed a positive trajectory in my spirituality, personality, and life. For the past 8 months, I have acquired essential skills to help me in the present and the future.

Among these skills, I have mastered team building through working closely with teammates at Central Rift Region and with the executive teams of the CU, guided by the slogan, “Together we transform, as one we win.”

I have developed Communication and public speaking through the art of reading, writing, and listening from my team leaders. I have also developed the art of resilience. I have beaten the odds by standing firm despite challenges, such as working to deliver under high pressure and juggling between work in different CUs. This has increased my faith in God, who gives me strength. I believe the skills I have gained through STEM will help me prepare for higher achievement in my spiritual life, career, and in every other aspect of life.

I am first grateful to God for the opportunity to serve and reach out to the students through FOCUS Kenya and for being with me throughout my time in Nakuru. I acknowledge my staff and associates for their support. I am also grateful to all those who partnered with me through their financial contributions, moral support, and prayers. I would also like to appreciate and acknowledge my family members and, finally, all the CUs in Nakuru Town I worked with.

Monday, 29 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

Being called to serve in FOCUS as a STEM Staff was unexpected. I didn’t know a lot about FOCUS while in the CU in KTTC. I, however, grew to know FOCUS Kenya through leadership in the CU and being exposed to Leadership training at the Center in Kasarani. I also served as the treasurer in the Northern Nairobi Region.

Serving as a STEM staff in Bondo CUs for 8months now has been a fantastic journey of equipping others and being equipped. My engagements involved walking, talking, and sharing with students, which has helped me grow in ministry work and social skills.

Through this period, I discovered my personality, strengths, and areas for improvement. For example, I would get nervous while training or preaching, but I have gained confidence and courage for public speaking.
I have also improved my leadership skills by working with people of different characters and learning to interact well. I have learned to be a good listener as a leader. I have also learned to be keen and embrace everyone despite their differences.

My major highlight is learning the skill of accounting for finances. I learned to account for every coin I got, and I would identify areas I overspent and improve each time. I have become a better financial manager.

I would love to acknowledge my parents for allowing me to be part of this program. I also appreciate my friends and partners who ended up being my friends for their support financially, morally, and most importantly, in prayers. They have helped me learn the value of people in life and how to be intentional. I thank FOCUS for the chance to be part of them in those eight months. I appreciate my amazing team leader and my teammates for the moments we spent together and the growth.

I desire to continue impacting others and apply the skills I developed through STEM in all aspects of my life.