Thursday, 25 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022
KOFI Annan- UON Med school and Kenya Science

“What do you wish to achieve this year” This was among the first questions I was asked by my team leader when I joined STEM. At that time I had a list of things I wanted to achieve but somehow I was not able to answer the question. Looking back, I realize that I couldn’t have known. My name is Kofi Annan; I was the STEM staff for medical school and Kenya Science at the University of Nairobi and this is my testimony.

I have developed and refined my convictions and I believe that they will guide me for the rest of my life. I have always been taught about honesty, integrity, and being trustworthy. Being entrusted with various resources such as time, finances, and assets with very minimal supervision helped me to understand that I was first accountable to God and then to everyone else. This ensured that I protected what I had and served diligently to God’s glory.

I used to view the world as a wicked place with people with nefarious intentions. However, through my interactions with partners, I have seen very genuine and selfless supporters of the ministry. I have been able to become more open to seeing the world as a safe place with God’s sovereignty.

I have had the chance to polish my leadership skills, time management, self-leadership, public speaking, decision-making skills, and team working. I have also developed presentation skills, research, and writing. These, I believe, will be essential in my walk with God, my interaction with people, and the organizations I will with in the future. I will be able to articulate myself more precisely and lead those under me more effectively.

God gave me a wonderful chance to serve in STEM. My family has been very consistent in support and encouragement, which I am thankful for. My team leader believed in me even when I doubted myself. My teammates always kept me accountable in the great and small, and the entire FOCUS fraternity was very resourceful. I am grateful for all these.

In conclusion, I pray that God may keep FOCUS Kenya and ensure that it remains stable and continues to impact students. I pray that they may reach every CU in this republic and that FOCUS may not only be a voice in the universities but also in the nations. I pray for continued unity and love among the staff and humility. I also pray that the friendships that I have made will be able to transcend the test of time. God bless FOCUS.

Thursday, 25 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

My name is Joshua Maina Kinyanjui, the STEM staff at Machakos and Daystar University. I am a former student of Karatina University where I graduated with a bachelor of science in communication and public relations.  

Serving at Machakos and Daystar University as a STEM staff has been a journey of experiencing God’s unmerited favor. In the beginning, it seemed hard and a path full of anxiety with a lot of expectations. But now, I am delighted to testify to the greatness of God who has used and molded me in reaching out to students. 

Ministry has been a season of learning and self-discovery. My convictions and my perspectives have been shaped in a great way. I have learned that a happy life is more than the accumulation of wealth or having a well-paying job. There is a lot of fulfillment in impacting people’s lives as you serve the Lord. I am truly convinced and persuaded that he called me into this ministry for a reason, not because of who I was but because of who he wanted me to become. I have known Him more, met role models to emulate, and discovered that God provided immensely for his work through fundraising.

My speaking and writing skills have been enhanced to a great extent. Training, speaking engagements, one on one student mentorship has helped me build on my thought processing skills in speech, Content development of sermons, and article writing through research and wide reading. These have enhanced my writing skills which are in line with my carrier in communication and public relations. I will use these skills and many others like lobbying, graphic design, and concept development skills in the corporate organization. I believe I will be a resourceful person as a result of the STEM program. I will continue to sharpen my writing skills by writing more and sharing with people for educative purposes on issues affecting society. 

My heartfelt gratitude goes to my team leaders who have played a key role in my growth. They have corrected me with love, helped me when I needed help, and mentored me holistically as a ministry worker. Their effort, commitment, and concerns for my welfare have shaped me to be a responsible man in society. I have learned how to handle crises, challenges, and personality differences among individuals from their counsel and advice as my mentors.  

My greatest desire and prayer is that whatever I have learned will never go to waste. I will be committed to entrusting knowledge gained to others through mentorship of the young generations in Christian Unions, Church, and Society at large. Having understood better the need for FOCUS Kenya in the institutions of higher learning, I desire to continue supporting the ministry in whatever capacity I can. 


Thursday, 25 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

When I was at Muranga University CU, I had the opportunity to serve as a Bible study leader, Missions and Evangelism Coordinator, CU Chairman, and the RSEC Treasurer. Those exposed me to FOCUS Kenya and I became a great beneficiary of the ministry. STEM is definitely my highlight. 

I had the chance to serve in the Christian Unions within Kisumu Town and its environs. This has been an opportunity to know God more. It has also solidified my convictions regarding integrity, transparency, and valued based leadership. I have appreciated simple living and stewardship in my roles. I have grown in my leadership skills, presentation, communication, report writing, and design skills. These skills and competencies shall help me stand out and ultimately fulfill my future roles and responsibilities with professionalism. I have also built new relationships and developed valuable networks with students and associates.

I appreciate the unwavering support of my team leader, the FOCUS Associates in the Kisumu Branch, and the FOCUS staff. Praise be to our Lord for His faithfulness towards me during STEM.

I hope to be a transformative global leader to God’s glory. May I be found faithful to God’s call until He returns. 

God bless FOCUS Kenya!

Thursday, 25 August 2022 / Published in STEM 2022

My name is Kovo Elijah, and I have been serving in the Pwani region as the STEM Staff of the North Coast Christian Unions. 

God’s provision during this season has anchored my trust in Him. I have learned to live submissively in Christ and appreciate His will. I have been greatly challenged to reflect on God’s mission and my role in it. I hope to hold fast to these convictions and be swift in obedience.  

My skills in MS Office tools, research and reading, interpersonal communication, budgeting, and accounting, and preparing and faithfully preaching the gospel have been sharpened in my STEM journey. In addition, I have gained new skills including content development, resource mobilization, planning, and conducting training. 

The value of God’s investment in my life through the people who are around me has been greatly echoed through the FOCUS associates, friends, and partners. They have supported me in prayers, with their resources, and opened their homes for me. I pray that the Lord will be gracious to them and they will remain vigilant to do His work. My gratitude also to the FOCUS Pwani region staff team and the North Coast region Christian Unions for the warm welcome and acceptance. 

I hope to get back to my training in Microbiology. I hope to actively share the gospel in my field of training. I hope to fix my eyes upon Jesus and trust Him for grace in my engagements beyond STEM.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. Shalom.