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EZRA 2019

EZRA 2019 Conference, takes into consideration the realities that face the students in institutions of higher learning, the church and contemporary society. This plethora of issues include the encroachment of wrong doctrines and popular personality cults in the CUs. Key ones among these include heretical teachings on “word of faith,” the “hyper-grace movement” and the ministry of the Holy Spirit and prophesy, which have infiltrated some CUs in the country. Besides false teaching, there is an alarming increase of depression and suicide cases among the youth, pointing to a broader societal misery and hopelessness; family dysfunctions and pressure to normalize alternative sex lifestyle and marriage; the reality of addictions, boredom with ‘normal life’ and a hunger for pleasure outside what is conventional. Underlying all these is a popular spirituality that emphasizes hedonistic experience, while disdaining the place of critical, theological reflection in matters of faith, life, and the reality of eternity.

Book of Exposition
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The Book of Exposition

After consideration various options, it was felt that the epistle of 2nd Peter is appropriate in addressing the teaching needs that emerge from the contextual realities facing the students and the church currently. The challenge of living faithfully and soberly in a context of incipient false teachings that threaten the doctrinal stability of the church resonates well with the contemporary reality of the church in Kenya, and indeed in the Christian Unions in institutions of higher learning. While false prophets and their teachings may promise quick solutions to the myriad of societal problems Christians face, such will be found to be only “springs without water and mists driven by storm...promis[ing] them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity…” (2 Pet.2:17a, 19a). In such a context, where students are often tempted to follow after false teachers and their depraved ways of life, there is nothing more important than rediscovering and reaffirming the trustworthy Scriptures as the sure foundation and shaper of faith and life. For the Word is not merely a set of good ideas, but a person, Jesus Christ, who is himself the very “Word of Life” (2 Pet.3:19).

Four Pastoral Needs

In this regard, the epistle of 2nd Peter provides a suitable text for engaging these concerns, which may be distilled in four strands of pastoral needs that shape the thrust and emphasis of the forthcoming Ezra 2019.

  1. The need to reaffirm the Holy Scriptures as the authoritative Word of God in all matters of Christian faith and ethics, with the call to uphold faithfulness in its engagement.
  2. The need to expose the reality of false teaching and its nature; its manifestations and its inherent danger to the contemporary body of Christ in our own context and experience.
  3. The need to stimulate biblical and theological reflection on contemporary issues facing Christian students and society as a whole, as a task of Christian discipleship
  4. The need to challenge believers to holy living, steadfastness and sobriety in the difficult context of the last days, and in view of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Plenary Content
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Plenary Content

Perhaps as a reaction to the reality of the pain and struggles of life in contemporary society, or an off-shoot of the global charismatic movement, the popular theology of “health and wealth gospel” has continued to flourish in the African church. At the heart of this is a view of success and prosperity that seems to be based more on positive psychology than authentic biblical theology of success, undermining as it does the centrality of the cross in Christian discipleship. The following are some of the questions this topic seeks to address in the four panelist discussion:

  • What really is the essence of success in life?
  • What are the influences of secular thought that have shaped prevailing conceptions of the “good life” and its implied success and prosperity? How does the Bible’s conception of the “good life” differ with or provide basis for such contemporary conceptions?
  • What does the Bible as whole (Biblical Theology) teach about blessing and prosperity and the reality of the African experience of pain and suffering that is so evident in the reality of everyday life?
  • As contemporary Christians, how are we to understand the covenantal promises of material blessings and prosperity in light of the new covenant fulfilment in Christ?
  • How is “work” an essential ingredient of success, and how can we as students and Christian professionals develop a balanced work-ethic our pursuit of success in life in our context today?

What biblical convictions and approaches should Christians develop in the pursuit of success?

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Charge Sheet 


Kenyan Christian Union Students  Ksh. 3800

Church Sponsored Youths Ksh. 5000

Non-Students (Graduates)  Ksh. 6000

Couples  Ksh. 11, 000


  • 0-3 Years  Free
  • 4-12 Years (With Parents  Ksh. 2000
  • 13 Years and above (Separate rooms) Ksh. 3500



  • Charges per day  Ksh. 700
  • Full Conference  Ksh. 2800

Non-Students (Graduates)

  • Charges per day  Ksh. 1000
  • Full Conference  Ksh. 4000

Non-Students (Graduates)

  • Charges per day  Ksh. 1000
  • Full Conference  Ksh. 4000

Children (4-12 Years)

  • Charges per day  Ksh. 500
  • Full Conference  Ksh. 2000


Christian Union Students  50 USD

IFES Staff  50 USD

Church Sponsored Youths  60 USD

Non-Students (Graduates)  75 USD

Couples  150 USD


  • 0-3 Years  Free
  • 4-12 Years (Staying with Parents)  30 USD
  • 13 Years and above (Separate rooms)  50 USD



Theme for EZRA 2019

The theme for EZRA 2019 is “Shaped by the Scriptures.” Derived from a conviction that the Scriptures are the authoritative Word of God, which should not only determine our theology but also shape our practice of life and response to the realities of our times.

Why you must attend EZRA 2019!

  • You will have an opportunity to study the book of 2 Peter through Bible Expositions, Small Bible Study groups, and creative arts.
  • You will have four days of listening to God, experience great worship, and learn from over 4000 delegates drawn from all the parts of Kenya and other countries.
  • You will have an opportunity to network and build new friendships.
  • You will listen from different speakers expounding on various aspects of scripture doctrine and different issues of life through seminars and plenary sessions.