FOCUS Intercessory Network (FIN) is a network of FOCUS Intercessors drawn from all FOCUS Stakeholders

Friday 28th January 2022
Day 12: Fri 28th Jan 22

Day 12: IFES movements

IFES movements

  1. Give thanks for the plans for a third cohort of the IFES Global Leaders Initiative, which invests in
    senior national movement staff.
  2.  Pray with us for FOCUS Sri Lanka graduates working in healthcare. Ask for strength, refreshment,
    wisdom, discernment, courage and patience
  3.  Pray that God would, that God would provide a way through the terrorism challenges that Burkina Faso is facing.
  4. Pray with the Christian students around the globe. May the Lord enrich their fellowships and help them to have impact in their campuses and beyond.
Day 11: Thur 27th Jan 22

Day 11: The Nation of Kenya in light of the prevailing circumstances

The Nation of Kenya 

a) Pray for national issues ; Campaigns and Elections ; national institutions
b) Pray for the church in this country that it shall stand as the salt and light of this nation during this
electioneering period.
c) Pray for the nation's peace during the transition of leaderships
d) Pray for economic recovery following the effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

Day 10: Wed 26th Jan 22

Day 10: New and Special Frontiers in 2022

New and special frontiers in 2022

  1.  Pray for the FOCUS History project and 50 years Anniversary
  2.  Pray for FREDS  and FOCUS Enterprise, we trust God for growth and for opportunities for financial development in these initiatives.
  3. Pray for the establishment of partnerships for  STEM Diaspora and STEM Church
  4. Pray for breakthrough in the Plug-in campaign?
  5. Pray for success of the Specialized Mentorship initiatives

Ministry in Northern Nairobi Region

  1. Pray for the upcoming regional leadership summit
  2.  Pray for the new leaders in the CUs that have  had transitions.
  3.  Pray for the establishment of the associates ministry in the region.
  4.  Pray for resource mobilization efforts among the students, associates and churches in the region.
  5.  Pray for church mobilization that will be happening in April.
  6.  Pray for success of evangelism and mission's plans the CUs have in this semester.  God to renew a passion for prayers in the CU across the region
Day 9: Tue 25th Jan 22

Day 9: Mentorship and Leadership Development

Mentorship and Leadership Development

  1. Pray for the planning and execution of the regional and national leadership and mentorship summits  within this year.
  2.  Pray for the leaders of the Christian Unions, the executive committees, the sub-committees,
    the associate branch leadership and the all leadership at various levels, the RSEC, NASEC,NAEC
  3. Pray for effectiveness in their mandate and that they shall be guided of the Lord as they
    serve during their tenures in offices.
  4.  Pray for leadership transitions among the Christian Unions and in the associate branches

Ministry in North Rift Region

  1. Thank God for the 2022 staff in the region.
  2. Pray for favor with the CU leaders, Institutions they serve and also with associates in all the branches.
  3.  Trust God for identification and purchase of the land for the regional students center
Day 8: Mon 24th Jan 22

Day 8: Evangelism and missions engagements

Evangelism and missions engagements<li>Pray for planning and resourcing of missions and evangelism programs and events in the
Christian Unions this year</li><li> Pray that many people will come to faith through those initiatives</li><li> Pray for commission 21 follow –up initiatives- commitments by delegates, partnerships with
the mission agencies.</li>

Ministry in Southern Nairobi region<li>Pray for the search for a regional council chair</li><li> Pray for the CU’s in the region, commit to the Lord their programs and events set for this year</li>

Day 7: Sun 23rd Jan 22

Day 7: HATUA projects


  1.  Thank God for the progress –Ongoing construction in Nairobi , Identification and signing of
    agreement for the purchase of the land in Nakuru
  2.  Pray for the process of transferring the land in Pwani region to be completed soonest possible
  3.  Pray for provision to complete the building in Nairobi and purchase of the land in western,
    Mt. Kenya and North rift regions

Ministry in Central Rift region

  1. Pray for provision of funds to clear the purchase of the land and to start development
  2.  There is a search for a new Regional Council chair in the region, pray for Gods leading in
    this process.
Day 6: Sat 22nd Jan 22

Day 6: SResourcing the ministry

Resources for ministry<li>Pray for the success of the mobilization efforts and initiatives towards raising the resources needed to cover the 2022 budget</li><li>Pray for God's provision for all partners giving to the ministry.</li><li>Pray that the Lord will burden more people to be cheerful givers to FOCUS</li>

Ministry in Western region<li>Pray for the blood drive in Kisumu, Maseno, Vihiga and Siaya CUs.</li><li> Thank God for the settling down of STEM staff & Pray for smooth transition of the new CMF in the region.</li><li> Pray for the 2 new STEM stations which will help facilitate ministry in Kisumu , Homabay, Migori & Busia.</li>

Day 5: Fri 21st Jan 22

Day 5: Social Action and Transformation Initiatives

Social Action & Transformation<li> Pray that God will establish in our stakeholders' hearts the burden for Social transformation in the
world He has placed us</li><li> Pray that God will burden us to actively engage in our communities and nationally to be salt and light
towards socio-economic and political issues</li><li> Pray that we will have peaceful elections and that God will grant us responsible leaders.</li><li> Pray that Christians will advocate for biblical values and principles as we engage elections.</li>


Ministry in Mt. Kenya region<li>  Pray for grace and favor as the staff prepare to launch three associates branches –Isiolo,
Karatina and Kerugoya –Kutus</li><li> Pray that the Lord will prosper the engagements with  churches in  the region.</li>

Day 4: Thu 20th Jan 22

Day 4: Spiritual Formation

<span style="font-family: helvetica;" data-mce-style="font-family: helvetica;">Discipleship engagements among the stakeholders </span><li><span style="font-family: helvetica;" data-mce-style="font-family: helvetica;">Pray for growth in scripture engagement in the Christian Union and in associate branches</span></li><li><span style="font-family: helvetica;" data-mce-style="font-family: helvetica;">Pray for effective mentorship initiatives to the students by the associates within different branches </span></li><li><span style="font-family: helvetica;" data-mce-style="font-family: helvetica;">Pray for God’s grace to bring transformation in the character formation of students through various discipleship programs and activities within the Christian Unions</span></li>

<strong>Ministry in Pwani Region</strong>
Pray for God's leading in the search for a Regional Council chair.<li><span style="font-family: helvetica;" data-mce-style="font-family: helvetica;">P</span><span style="font-family: helvetica;" data-mce-style="font-family: helvetica;">ray for favor among the staff, CU leaders institutions, and associates in all the branches.</span></li>


Day 3: Wed 19th Jan 22

Day 3: Ministry Plans & Implementation

  1. Pray for effective implementation of the FOCUS Kenya Strategic Plan in 2022 by staff,
    students and associates.
  2. Pray for CUs, Associates Branches, and the secretariat. Particularly for insight and wisdom in planning programs this year. May all that they set out to do be seasoned and rich with impact.
  3. Pray for God's provision for the resources needed to execute ministry initiatives in 2022, finances, and joyous & skilled laborers, in the CUs and associates branches and in FOCUS Kenya at large.
  4. Pray for God's favour and breakthrough for all ministry engagements, new initiatives and ongoing projects in FOCUS Kenya.
Day 2: Tue 18th Jan 22

Day 2: Zeal

Zeal for God

  1. Pray that we will grow more passionate in studying the Scriptures and in Praying.
  2. Pray that we will long deeply to know God and see His mighty works

Zeal in ministry

  1. Pray for God's strength in the ministry engagements you are part of.
  2. Pray for the unction of the Holy Spirit upon us, that we will serve with courage and boldness.
Day1: Mon 17th Jan 22

Day 1: Breakthrough in Prayer

  1. Pray for God's sustaining grace as we pray and fast
  2. Pray that we will have personal encounters with God and understand His leading
  3. Pray that we will have a renewal of heart as we seek Him together
Monday 17th January 2022