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Praying For FOCUS Kenya

Our focus this week is the National Leadership and Mentorship Summit

1. Many Christian Unions are going through leadership transitions, pray for a smooth transition, comprehensive and effective handover process across the CUs.

2. Pray for the provision of resource to be able to raise the National Leadership and Mentorship Summit's fee and the fares to Cooperative University by the delegates. 

3. Pray for the  Summit Speakers, Mentors and FOCUS staff for God’s guidance as they prepare and facilitate the different sessions during the Summit. 

4. The students are paying a subsidized fee of Ksh. 3000. The FOCUS staff are engaging like-minded-organizations and churches to raise 1.5M to cover for the deficit. Pray for God’s favor and providence. That the organizations may also give generously and in good time.

 5. Thank God for opening a door in Cooperative University to host the Summit. Pray for the university team that is working around the clock together with the FOCUS staff to ensure all the delegates will be in well received and hosted in throughout the Summit.