Values Formation

Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) reaches and equips students in Institutions of higher learning and graduates for effective Christian living and societal transformation. This is achieved through value-based training, mentorship, and apprenticeship.


This is done by running capacity building programs for different groups of students on campus. The following programs give a brief overview of some of the programs that FOCUS has designed to impact students;

  1. Christian Union Leadership Training – This is a program designed to train Christian Union leaders. Every year FOCUS trains an average 4000 Christian Union Leaders across all the 152 Institutions. These programs are designed to cover broad leadership topics, personal development, self-awareness, character formation and development of effective management skills.
  2. Anza FYT program – This program targets first-year students. The aim is to help fresh campus and college students get proper integration to campus life. The program reaches more than 7000 Fresh graduates annually. This program is designed to run through the very first semester of a college student’s life and focus on four broad thematic areas of students life; Social, Economic, Academic and Spiritual.
  3. Vuka FIT Program – This is a final year students’ transition training program into the market-place and Church. It emphasizes career development, self-discovery, work ethic, local Church involvement and other core issues like family life and financial management. Through this program, FOCUS reaches about 5000 final year students annually.
  4. Student Union Leadership Training – This training program aims at building the capacity of Student union leaders for holistic transformation. It acts as an incubator of future institutional and national political leadership. FOCUS has been able to train more than 100 student leaders from 4 colleges.
  5. Leadership Summits – This is a high engagement leadership seminar organized every three years at National level and every two years at the regional level. It targets Christian student leaders, student union leaders.


FOCUS organizes conferences in the areas of missions and scripture engagement. These are designed to develop skills but also provide avenues for mentorship for students. The Major conference Commission and Ezra conference have been able to reach more than 20,000 young people in the last 27 years.


FOCUS upholds apprenticeship as a key strategy in the development of skills and character. The key highlight of the organization has been the development of more than 30 fresh graduates recruited each year to join the FOCUS apprenticeship program dubbed Short Term Experience in Ministry (STEM). This program gives placement opportunities to fresh graduates in the Universities as well as in community-based organizations. This program has run for the last 26 years and has raised 523 leaders in different capacities. The program aims at equipping the person with leadership skills, soft skills, and networking skills.


FOCUS considers mentorship as a key strategy in building the capacity of young people and instilling character. This mentorship has been achieved through the participation of a wide network of graduates. The mentorship happens both informally and in intentionally organized structures of mentorship.

  1. Informal Mentorship – This is done by creating a platform for enhanced interaction and support by FOCUS Staff, graduates and Christian faculty to students. This approach to mentorship seeks to help students manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be in various areas of interest. This kind of mentorship happens when students are in retreats, career days and other fora that provide avenues for mentorship.
  2. Specialized mentorship – This is an intensive one-year mentorship program for Christian student leaders interested in the following spheres of influence; Politics & Governance, Business, Church Ministry, Academic Career, Family and Marriage life, Media, Arts.
  • YEAR 2018-2020 (Phase 1)
  • FOCUS Kenya Shapes Values and Character of young People through:Mentorship, Training, Coaching, Apprenticeship
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