The Project

FOCUS has a competent team of 76 staff and a big network of over 10,000 graduates in various professional fields who are involved in the training, mentorship, and coaching of students. However, the challenge of limited training facilities has hindered FOCUS from widening its opportunities to train and develop students. Currently, there is only one Student Centre in Nairobi, which has very limited space of 50 occupants for the kind of mission of FOCUS.

There is, therefore, need to enhance the capacity of the Student Centre. Besides, FOCUS Students are spread across the seven regions and are equally in need of training facilities. It is noteworthy that FOCUS organizes training and mentorship sessions at the FOCUS Students Centre (away from campus), the students take a break from their usual environment and are able to gain more in learning since they are not in an environment with immediate and pressing demands. There has also been a higher response in numbers and enthusiasm when student training is hosted at the current Student Centre.

In order to enhance this capacity to reach and influence more students and youth, FOCUS is running a development project dubbed “Hatua Campaign: Act Now Shape the future. The goal of this project is to construct 6 Students Training and Development Centres in the next 5-10 years. This will provide huge leverage for greater impact because adequate infrastructure enables transformation.

The first phase of this project will involve reconstruction of the current Student Centre in Kasarani and acquisition of land in 5 Regions in the following towns; Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Eldoret. An ideal FOCUS Student Training Centre, which we are seeking to establish for all FOCUS Regions will be on at least 2-acre piece of land (Shared accommodation and self-contained rooms, catering Services, office block, and recreational facilities). The estimated cost for this is Kshs. 285 Million.

  • YEAR 2018-2020 (Phase 1)
  • Opportunities A dedicated team of 80 Staff, over 10, 000 graduates every year, a Rich heritage of successful leadership development
  • Limitations Inadequate Training Facilities and resources
  • Desired Outcome of Phase 1A Students Training and Development Center in Nairobi and Land for 2 out of the 7 FOCUS Regions
  • Desired ImpactAt least 10,000 thoroughly trained and equipped leaders catalyzing character and value formation of the 500, 000 students in colleges and campuses in Kenya annually.
  • What it will take87 Million
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