FOCUS in 2019

Fellowship of Christian Unions continues to seek the realization of the vision of Students and Associates impacting the Church
and Society. In the next two year, we look forward to the implementation of the reviewed FOCUS Strategic plan Each year, among many initiatives, we fortify the achievement of the overall vision by putting emphasis on specific areas. In 2018, we rallied Mentorship, Missions and Infrastructural development (Hatua initiative). In 2019 we have a special focus on Social transformation, Theological engagement, and
Infrastructural expansion (Hatua initiative). Some of the events that will drive the agenda for this years are anchored in the FOCUS Calendar.

Social Transformation

Within our learning institutions is the battle for minds and hearts. We will seek to contribute to shaping conversations and opinions taking place in our institutions of higher learning and in the country and redirect them towards godly perspectives and real solutions. Some of the issues identified for engagement include Corruption, Drugs, and Substance Abuse, and Depression.

Engaging Doctrinal Issues

We acknowledge that students continue to struggle with theological issues especially with the resurgence of the prosperity gospel and “super apostleship”. In this way, we shall be safeguarding biblical teaching that will translate into Christ-likeness and thereby be salt and light in our spheres of influence. The culmination of such an endeavor will be the flagship National Ezra conference from the 28th of December 2019 – 2nd January 2020.

Infrastructural Expansion 

The Hatua Campaign was launched in 2018, with the goal of constructing Students Center in Kasarani and acquire land in the remaining 5 regions. We have planned for a groundbreaking of the Kasarani Student Center on the 4th of May 2019 during the FOCUS AGM. We trust God to raise more funds to enable the project to run smoothly. We shall communicate more details on this. In the meantime, we trust that alongside the normal ministry support, God will enable you to provide additional support for this noble venture.

Digital strategies for ministry

The environment has significantly changed, and many of the young people are extremely active on digital platforms. We, therefore, envision an improved integration of digital strategy in all our ministry approaches for more effective ministry to Students and Associates

Invitation to support the work

We are utterly grateful to God for associates like you who have made our ministry a success this far. Thank you so much for your support in 2018. Through this gift we were able to raise a total of Ksh.13.3 Million from Associates for the General Fund. This enabled the smooth running of our ministry programs to students and associates.

This year 2019, we will need Kshs. 45M to provide ministry opportunities among students by providing adequate training for Discipleship, Leadership Development, Evangelism & Integral Mission. We hope that Associates like you will contribute towards raising at least Ksh.17 M. We are therefore inviting you (you may have already been called) to consider partnering with us this year, you could continue with the way you have been giving or otherwise click this link to make a commitment FILL OUT THE FORM. we would like to highly encourage you to
consider a standing order if you are out to do regular giving. You can place the standing order in one of the banks mentioned below, just let us know so we can help with the necessary procedure.

For easy submission of your gift please use

MPESA Paybill Number 412412 – Account Number as Donation.

Bank Options

Standard Chartered Bank: Account No. A/C No. 01020773083700 –Harambee Avenue Branch.

Barclays Bank: A/C 0948207400 – Market Branch

Co-op Bank: Account No. A/C No. 01128098633500 – Zimmerman Branch.