FOCUS 2020

1. Strengthening Scripture engagement

EZRA 2019 provided a foundation of pursuing scripture as the basis of our faith. We desire to have FOCUS Stakeholders read and practise the world of God in a deeper way. We seek to enhance the nurture of the new believers  and expandi the reach of the BEST P Content. 

2. Enhancing mentorship of students by Associates

We hope to increase the number of Associates involved in the mentorship of students for a greater impact in the discipleship in the CUs.


3. Expanding the scope of missions engagement in FOCUS

  1. We have a keen focus on build capacity for missions in CUs.
  2. We hope to widen the scope of influence of Commission 2020 through initiatives for people on the margins, diaspora community, partnerships for enhanced market place influence, etc.
  3. Grow the short term missions exposure opportunities 
  4. Facilitate enhanced capacity development on reaching other faiths and apologetics

4. Sustaining momentum in integral missions and social transformation awareness and involvement

  1. We desire to see Enhanced public participation by students and Associates
  2. Emphasis on integrity as a counter-narrative to corruption
  3. Engage various relevant issues such as LGBTQ, Environmental issues, Drug and Substance abuse and Mental Wellness.

5. Enhancing partnerships for reaching the University by strengthening engagement with Christian Faculty and Chaplains

  1. We seek to facilitate networking and strategy development of the Christian Faculty.
  2. Facilitate the establishment of Campus based Faculty Fellowships and Initiatives.
  3. Enhance synergy in ministry with Chaplains for greater impact of ministry on Campus.