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About the National Leadership and Mentorship Summit

By The National Leadership Summits is a triennial conference that brings together key Christian Unions and Students Unions leaders across the nation. By The last National leadership summit was held in January 2016 at Kabarak University. We are planning the third National Leadership Summit to be held in January 2019 with emphasis on mentorship hence the change of name to National Leadership and Mentorship Summit. The main objective of NLMS 2019 is to raise well-equipped transformational value-based leaders and catalyze mentorship among students in the universities and colleges and Associates in the marketplace and Church.

Scope and Objectives

1. To challenge student leaders to develop a clear sense of calling, godly character and right competencies for enhanced Christian influence on campus, church, and society 2. To equip the CU leaders on effective management of the Christian Unions through training, peer accountability and sharing ideas on best practices. 3. To provide a platform for engaging and explore possible solutions on emerging issues on campus, church, and society both at a local and global level. 4. To sensitize, build capacity and Catalyze mentorship as a critical strategy for developing people to become agents of godly transformation on campus, the marketplace, church, and society.